Let's do this!

Are you ready to step up, stand out, and own your awesome?

Welcome to Website in a Week. This is the first step in upping your website game.

I'm Krista Smith and I created this offer for bosses just like you.

I have a hunch your online presence is not the professional face you want to show to the world. Are you frustrated because you're wasting hours of your valuable time trying to get your website to do what's it meant to do -- bring in the clients? And going custom is simply not a sound business decision for you, yet.

You need an easy to use, intuitive, and strategically designed website to highlight your own gifts. And you need it yesterday.

Website in a Week could be just the answer you've been looking for.

This is perfect for you if you need help committing to content, developing a digital strategy, and launching it live in record time.

In my work with my custom design clients, I often get asked if I have an entry level option.

I'm happy to announce that I do now!

One of the biggest stumbling blocks that keep my clients from launching a successful website is content. You see, gorgeous one, you need to come to the web design process understanding that you need to write all words that go on your website. You need be ready with headshots and other images that will build your brand vibe. I can see you stressing already.


I've got you covered.

Enter Website in a Week.

I need details. What do I get?

Once you decide to go for it and after your deposit has secured your spot in my calendar, you'll receive a PDF workbook to start to get your creative juices flowing.

I'll be personalizing the site that lives HERE for you. By changing up the color palette, adding in your images, updating it with the words you write, swapping fonts for your preferences, and developing your own digital strategy, it'll look way more like your brand instead of the fictional one I've created. I'll do this all on my own test domain before we move it over to your online real estate.

On the week of your website build, we'll meet for two hours on day one and two hours again on day two where we'll define your website goal, flush out your content, make design choices based off the example site, and develop your digital strategy.

I'll be your guide and coach as I coax out the cohesive of your brand essence.

You'll walk away each day with a clear roadmap of what you need to complete on your own that same day.

I'll go dark for two days and begin to personalize your new online home with your chosen images and insert your content. I'll change the fonts, colors, and add in your logo. (I know you might be stressed about not being able to get your content written in a week -- never fear! If it happens that it doesn't get done or you decide to hire a copywriter for help, you'll still be ready to launch at the end of our week. Instead of having the whole site viewable by everyone, we'll hide it behind a coming soon page until you're ready to insert your copy -- I'll provide step by step videos showing you exactly how to do this! )

Once I'm done the beautification and either adding your content OR placeholder content, you'll pay the final invoice, and I'll migrate the site from my test site to its final home.  You'll get access to my personalized videos showing you how to easily use and edit all the content on your new website.

Voilà. You've got your own Website in a Week!